Mandalize your 2024! Meet Our New Custom Notepads

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As the holiday season approaches, Bluebird Translations is delighted to unveil the Christmas gifts that we have prepared for our clients, collaborators, and friends this year: we're embracing the art of customization with these unique handmade notepads. Crafted by our talented friend Michał from, these notepads are not only a beautiful addition to your stationery supplies but also a sustainable choice for the environmentally conscious.


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Michał's dedication to eco-friendly practices is truly commendable. Each notepad is handmade using paper sourced exclusively from waste paper, carefully selected from printing companies in Amsterdam. By upcycling discarded paper, Michał gives it a second life, turning what might have been waste into these “bound canvases” for your creativity to flow!

Behind the design adorning their covers is juka design. My wife Julia and I have transformed our Bluebird logo and the illustration of our office building into captivating mandalas. The mandalas were meant not only to reflect the essence of our company but also embody the spiritual pursuit of Advent and the Christmas season. We were inspired by these “mandalic” visions of Saint Hildegard von Bingen of the Divine and the nine choirs of angels.

We hope that with each stroke of the pen on these pages, your soul takes flight, just like our Bluebird! Wishing you a season filled with joy, creativity, and the simple pleasure of putting pen to paper. Mandalize your Christmas season and your 2024 with Bluebird!

P.S. Some photos of the making process (and even more here!):

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2 blog_notepads

3 blog_notepads

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