Happy Dry Pants for the Year 2021!

Written by josecarlos

It has come to our attention that a few people thought that the brand-new Bluebird merchandise, specially designed and produced for this Christmas season (an Amsterdam-must for rainy days: waterproof and totally portable bike saddle covers) were shower caps (egad!), so we let our imagination run wild, resulting this short movie:

imagen a_video_blog_peque

It was very fun to make! Thanks to Maaike, our fantastic coworker and translator (Chinese/English into Dutch), the amazing acting skills of Mr Charlie Moose (note for Hollywood talent scouts: this is an aka, as he wishes to remain somewhat anonymous), and juka design for the final edits, we managed to create this story in record time. We hope you enjoy both the film and the new dryness of your pants for this coming rainy season! And jokes aside, we wish you all an abundance of Light and Hope for the coming new year.

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