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Bluebird Translations comprises an in-house team of two translators who work out of an office space in Amsterdam city center on a daily basis. José Carlos Gil and María García share the same main language pair and the same specializations, which enables them to participate in common projects simultaneously. In addition, they share their office with translators of other languages, and they manage a network of six ENG-SPA-ENG seasoned financial/legal translators based in the Netherlands, Spain, USA, and the UK.
Should your project have a deadline which does not allow enough time for only one professional translator's exclusivity, we offer you the simultaneous collaboration of two or more linguists using the same translating tools. This way, collaboration can be carried out in real time, thus obtaining a cohesive and coherent final text in terms of style, terminology, and format.


Furthermore, our single rate for translation projects, including the revision/proofreading carried out by a second professional translator, minimizes expenses and time management, making it so that your agency won't need to send the same project to two separate external providers, while also perfectly complying with the European Standard for Translation Services EN-15038:2006, which requires that:
  • a competent translator translates documents and carries out an ex-post verification of his own work.
  • an equally competent reviser/proofreader revises the translation, finding and correcting possible errors, basing himself on the original text as well as the translated text.

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