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A sworn translation is an official translation carried out, signed, and sealed by a sworn translator, who grants the document full legal validity before the courts, the relevant authority or any other recipient. The translated document, while presented alongside the original, holds the same validity held by the original in the country in which it was first issued.
Some sworn translations are needed for different international procedures requiring special legal certainty: notarial acts, marriage certificates, court orders, reports, diplomas and official titles, academic validations/accreditations, etc. Upon your request, Bluebird Translations also offers the possibility of swearing any of its translations, regardless of the type—for instance, patent translations or private business correspondence.


We ourselves are sworn translators and this means we can offer you lower prices than agencies working on commission who need to contact outsourcers to officially certify the translation of your document. This can be done directly with us. Do not hesitate to contact us by email or by visiting our office in Amsterdam city center in order to get a quote for the sworn translation you need to submit. 

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