Revision and proofreading

Revision and proofreading

The final revision of a translated text is fundamental in document creation processes of any kind. Bluebird Translations dedicates close to 40% of its work volume to painstaking revision - taking into account the original text and content - of projects translated by other professionals, allowing us to rely on a solid experience in correction work which, along with licensed use of the best and most current quality control tools (QA Distiller, Xbench, etc.), results in an end product of the highest linguistic quality.

Bluebird Translations also offers you its proofreading/editing services for texts written directly in Spanish or English, whether it be your doctoral thesis, your web site, a technical article, a legal contract or your professional/personal correspondence.

Additionally, we offer the possibility of including the translation and its revision (carried out by a second native translator) in one single rate, thanks to our team-projects service.


Levels of quality control offered by Bluebird Translations:

  • Proofreading: detection of errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as in format inconsistencies, in the use of uppercase/ lowercase, etc.
  • Editing: applying the same forms of correction as with proofreading but with a broader view of the text in accordance with its grammatical, structural, and stylistic direction.
  • Revision: applying the same forms of correction as with proofreading and editing while also taking into account the original text from which the translation is derived.

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