Social Commitment

nube2bmundonamastehihiBluebird Translations is taking action to alleviate the current devastating environmental situation. Furthermore, Bluebird Translations is conscious of the developed countries' infinite historical debt owed to the disadvantaged areas of the planet.
  • This is why, since José C. Gil's current professional agenda does not allow him to work pro bono anymore, Bluebird Translations donates 4% of its profits to charitable causes, every four months. With this contribution, collaboration with the Kerk in Nood NGO project in Zé Doca, in the northwest of Brazil, has taken form. Depending on the circumstances, a portion of the budget may be donated to other projects needing our immediate assistance, like the donation to the Nederland Helpt Japan, in which Bluebird Translations decided to participate. Also, in his new Jordaan office, which he shares with other like-minded pro-social entrepeneurs, José C. Gil has been lucky enough to work closely with the founders of Namasté Foundation, an organization concerned with changing the lives of countless Nepalese children by means of its humanitarian projects, in which Bluebird Translations has begun to participate.
  • Bluebird Translations takes environmental issues very seriously: its efforts include applying an internal policy of responsible energy consumption while limiting the use of paper, and recycling every used product or material. Heating and electricity are also moderated and, like authentic Amsterdammers, public transport and bicycles are the only acceptable options for urban mobility. Furthermore, José C. Gil is a member of the car-sharing associations Wheels4all, an ecological alternative to car ownership, and Car2go, which only has electronic cars all over the city. Last but not least, every time a four-month objective is achieved, Bluebird Translations plants a tree in La Pedregoza, Colombia, through the Tree-Nation platform.

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