Consulting and Training Services for ApSIC Xbench


ApSIC Xbench is a unique software that has two main properties:

  • A powerful multisource terminology finder, and
  • a highly effective tool to perform quality control

Its use is becoming a must in several areas of the translation industry, and the number of users that consider the program an indispensable part of the processes of translation and/or revision is steadily growing.



We offer advising services for a customized implementation of ApSIC Xbench in the current workflow processes of LSPs, so as to ensure  a significant improvement on the quality and final result of all your translation projects.

The correct implementation in the processes of translation and revision should be undertaken through a preliminary study of the LSP and each final client, as well as of the existing translation-management methods.

Unlike other QA Tools, ApSIC Xbench has available a free-of-charge Lite version of the program, which makes it possible to request any translator/reviser to use the program as part of the project instructions.



Translators who effectively use the program not only improve the final product they deliver, but also open doors to a higher number of potential customers requiring the use ApSIC Xbench as part of workflow processes.

We can also organize webinars or on-site courses geared toward translators.

ApSIC Xbench Training for Translators/Revisers

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