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Viernes 28 de Diciembre de 2018 10:29

Bluebird Lanterns for 2019!

This Christmas season we have created these lanterns—based on the Amsterdam houses design used on our business cards by MO DESIGN and featuring the façade of our office—and are sending them out to our clients and collaborators in the Netherlands, Spain, Germany, UK, US, Malaysia, and Japan.

This is the 6th year that we have prepared something special for Christmas. Last year we prepared these Bluebird test tubes with Belgian chocolate powder. In 2016 Marrit van Natten created a watercolour painting of our office building, while 2015 was the year of our instrumental cover of Silent Night. In 2014 we sent jamón serrano of the highest quality all over the globe, including Japan, and in 2013 we made handcrafted notepads out of recycled materials. 2011 was the first time we used Belgian chocolate in our Bluebird-merchandised Belgian Pralines.

All the best wishes for this coming 2019!

IMG 20181225_025055


Miércoles 03 de Enero de 2018 12:30

Wishing you a sweet start to 2018!

Christmas is an important period of the year for us. At the beginning of December our office displays a Christmas tree, Nativity scenes, stars and colorful lights. In the last week of the month we usually leave Amsterdam to spend some time with our families and friends in Spain. Over the years we have shared our Christmas spirit with our clients and collaborators and have written about this on our blog.

In 2016 Marrit van Natten created a watercolor painting of our office building, while 2015 was the year of our instrumental cover of Silent Night. In 2014 we sent the highest quality Jamón Serrano all over the globe, including Japan, and in 2013 we made handcrafted notepads out of recycled materials. 2011 was the first time we used Belgian chocolate in our Bluebird-merchandised Belgian Pralines.

This year Belgian chocolate has again been the main ingredient in our gift. We filled these cute lab test tubes with authentic Callebaut dark chocolate powder. Our sweetest wishes for the New Year!



IMG 20171214_222227

Martes 28 de Noviembre de 2017 13:18

Bluebird Translations turns 10 years old!

LinkedIn gave us a pleasant surprise a few days ago: I was suddenly getting personal messages and comments on our profile because LinkedIn had posted that it had been exactly 10 years since Bluebird was born. And it has indeed been 10 years since I first registered the business at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, after two years working as an in-house translator in the Netherlands.

Since then our team has grown along with our experience, and so has our portfolio. All this growth has also allowed us to fulfill our dream of sharing our beautiful office space in Amsterdam city center and transforming it into a hub for local translators working in various languages.

Thanks for all the anniversary wishes and for your trust in our daily work.

10 years

Lunes 26 de Diciembre de 2016 12:55

Merry Christmas and the best for 2017!

This is the Christmas card that we've sent this year to our clients, collaborators, family, and friends. The original design, based on our (UNESCO-protected) office building, was done in aquarelle by Rotterdam-based artist Marrit van Natten. You can check out her beautiful artwork at her website.


Our best and most sincere wishes from the heart of the Jordaan, Amsterdam, where Bluebird keeps growing along with the community of professional translators with whom we share our work space.


Actually, in 2017 we'll have to celebrate our 5th anniversary since Bluebird Translations moved to this office. Stay tuned to this blog for more info on the best summer BBQ in town :)






this coming 2017 
Miércoles 05 de Octubre de 2016 13:18

A Bluebird Flies to Rwanda

And comes back..! From mid-July to mid-August, I was using by French skills by volunteering in a community of nuns belonging to Spanish Congregation Religiosas de San José de Gerona.

With 35 people living there currently, their community in Guitarama is the largest in the country. It’s a training community where they receive and instruct nuns-to-be.

The purpose of my visit was to take part in the training by giving two workshops, one on computing and another on guided reading of The Little Prince. I also served as interpreter for other workshops given by a Spanish-speaking instructor.

The experience was quite complete. It included a whole array of emotions ranging from joy to sorrow, but above all it included kindness. Not a single moment passed when I didn’t feel at home.

Here’s a link to the blog (in Spanish) that we wrote during our trip.










Miércoles 23 de Diciembre de 2015 12:31

Channelling our Christmas Spirit through Music

Our office has always had a guitar, but the cello only became part of the team three months ago, when María first started learning. This video is the result of a few hours we managed to steal from the office clock. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed shooting it. (Thanks to Mr Frank and StreamMyEvent for the logistics!)

Merry Christmas and all the best for 2016!

P.S.: Our new "slogan" is right at the end of the video ;)


Jueves 05 de Noviembre de 2015 10:42

ITI Bulletin: J.C. Gil interviews M. Farrell on IWS

A few months back, I interviewed Josep Condal from ApSIC on the new commercial version of Xbench for the ITI Bulletin, As a follow-up to that, I recently had the opportunity to exchange some words with Michael Farrell, the translator behind IntelliWebSearch. We talked about the origins of his beloved tool and the innovative features of the new version 5.

PDF version




Jueves 25 de Septiembre de 2014 11:40

Coworking Space for Freelance Translators in Amsterdam

 If you are based in Amsterdam or you know any fellow translator based here, you might find our set-up interesting or want to let others know about it, so please feel free to spread the word about our project.

We are a small international community of translators sharing a beautiful office space in the Jordaan, strategically located between Haarlemmerdijk and Brouwersgracht, only a 10-minute walk from Central Station.
The office is located on the commercial ground floor of an amazing 17th-century building that houses an art gallery and other office spaces on every floor.

We have 2 full-time desks available at the moment. The space can accommodate up to 7 people. I started it with some freelance friends a couple of years ago, and of the 5 people we now have, 4 of us are Amsterdam-based translators with different language pairs (still no Dutch-native translator on board!).

- Your own big desk
- 24/7 access
- In-room meeting table
- Access to an independent meeting room upstairs
- A work environment, which is concentration- and client-friendly at the same time
- Personal storage space
- High-speed Internet 120MB download - 6MB upload (wired and wireless)
- UPC Kabel Digital TV
- Kitchen
- Multifunction printer
- Occasional Jelly events
- Bathroom
- Cleaning service
- And, last but not least, a helpful knowledge-sharing community of experienced, savvy translators around you

The rent for the workstation is 214/month including service costs and excluding BTW. Obviously this quantity is both deductible for Omzetbelasting and Inkomstenbelasting, so the price we end up paying is actually much lower. It involves a deposit and a flexible 2-month agreement (either of the parties can cancel at any moment on 2 months notice).

ofi cabecera2



Martes 23 de Septiembre de 2014 13:16

J.C. Gil new MITI: Qualified Member of the ITI

MITI is a valuable mark of professional recognition in the translation industry worldwide –especially in Europe and the UK.

While I was travelling in Russia during my summer holidays in July, I received some good news from the prestigious UK-based Institute of Translation and Interpretation: I've become a Qualified Member of the Institute.

I was an ITI associate member for the last 6 years, during which I actively participated in ITI events, such as the last bi-annual conference in London, and writing for the bi-monthly ITI Bulletin. Although I already met the MITI professional requirements (related to qualifications, experience, and professional references) long before I actually did it, I decided to send my application late last year. In May, I sat the exam for one of my main fields of specialization (Business) and as of this summer I'm officially a Qualified Member of the Association. Now these two titles are proudly hanging next to our Translation & Interpreting MA Degree Diplomas on the walls of our beloved Jordaan office.


CCI23092014 0001

Jueves 09 de Enero de 2014 12:17

Feedback on our Xbench Webinar

The webinar on Xbench that I conducted a few weeks ago is still being mentioned on Twitter and other social media sites. I am highly satisfied with the final result as I managed to present the program in a very practical way, both for newcomers and for users with some experience. This was exactly the approach I was looking for. In addition, I have received valuable messages from listeners who straight after the webinar started using Xbench on a daily basis and I guess I could not have hoped for a better result than that.

Following are some tweets and some of the most positive and complete testimonials received in our mailbox:

(As the webinar was delivered in Spanish, the messages were tweeted in Spanish. Most likely, the next edition of the same webninar will be held in English.)


Gracias por el webinario tan interesante y completo que has presentado. No conocía el funcionamiento del programa, pero veo que es una herramienta relativamente sencilla y muy útil para el traductor. Se nota que eres un gran conocedor del mismo y, lo que es más importante, sabes transmitir tus conocimientos de forma clara y sencilla. Además has sabido aprovechar muy bien el tiempo disponible para darnos muchísima información. Si me preguntaran, lo recomendaría totalmente.

María Eugenia Santa Coloma, Traducciones Vaikava S.L.




most likely 
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