We have just received this beautiful picture of the child we are sponsoring through Namasté, Hilde Bleijswijk's NGO, our co-worker at The Hub Amsterdam. It seems that a western volunteer teacher with a background in translation told them that yesterday was Saint Jerome’s Day, the patron saint of translators, and Sahil remembered Bluebird Translators and decided to paint a brick for the artistic wall they are creating at their school with references to all the Dutch donators and sponsors of this project that is changing the life of a lot of Nepalese kids.


This image has definitely made our day :)

Namaste Nepal_-_Google_Chrome_2012-09-08_21-28-23

Hilde Bleijswijk
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Lunes 18 de Abril de 2011 21:14

Nederland helpt Japan


Bluebird Translations has participated in the campaign run by the Dutch red cross to help Japan after the terrible earthquake and subsequent tsunami that hit its coast. As well as Spain, the Netherlands has been one of the European countries that has supported Japan most urgently and most efficiently since this natural disaster ocurred.

Being that I am on a daily communication with Japan, this grim news was a devastating emotional shock for me. I wish Japan, this country whose history and culture has always fascinated me, the best for the difficult months ahead.

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