500 Google Reviews, 5.0 Rating: A Sweet Milestone Celebration

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Today marks a significant milestone for Bluebird Translations, nestled in the heart of the Jordaan district in Amsterdam. It is with immense joy and gratitude that we celebrate the achievement of 500 Google reviews, all contributing to our immaculate 5.0 rating. To add a sweet touch to our celebration, in conjunction with juka design, and with a little help from AI wizardry, we designed this “Creamy Oreo” cake, which was masterfully baked by Amsterdam Cupcake Company.

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Bluebird and beyond

We consider this accomplishment to be not only a testament to the quality of our translation services and the satisfaction of our clients but also a reflection of the collaborative spirit that thrives in our shared office space and within the network of other local translators. This milestone is a collective achievement, reflecting the dedication and expertise of not only our team but also the translators we collaborate with. Together, we’ve built a community that fosters collaboration, continuous improvement, and a shared commitment to delivering exceptional translation services.

500 & 5.0: two fives of our dreams

In the dynamic world of Google reviews, our journey to 500 was marked by a thrilling dance with the highest scores, but not always exactly 5.0. As we edged closer to this milestone, we embraced the challenge, vowing to celebrate if we could reclaim the perfect 5.0 rating. It became a shared mission, and we have emerged victorious!

5.0 EN

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