As indicated on its corporate image, Bluebird Translations embodies its namesake's migratory spirit, a bird which every year makes its way from the North to the South of the globe, freely and happily adapting to its changing climates. Travel is José C. Gil's passion, and the fruit of that passion is getting to know new societies and cultures. It is this fascination that has made the application of his linguistic skills to the world of travel and tourism a perfect fit.

Marketing applied to Tourism

With the principles of marketing in mind, the use of attractive commercial wording for the product's recipient is a decisive factor when, for example, the client is booking a hotel stay on a reservation website or purchasing a cruise trip through one travel agency or another.

Literary component

On the other hand, the literary value of travel books or touristic guides must be translated carefully so that the reader may grasp the author's impressions and suggestions at their fullest without giving off the sense that the text was originally written in another language.
  • Travel literature
  • Travel guides
  • Tourism articles
  • Brochures
  • Museum guides
  • Hotel establishments
  • Reservation web sites

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